Sea Spinning Artificial Silicone Soft Bait Lures

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Fishing Lures Sea Spinning Artificial Silicone Soft Bait Lures Accessories Good Quality Hook Fishing Tackle for Winter Fishing

Product Features:

1.Unlike popular cost-saving bonding done by popular companies. MEREDITH utilizes a detailed, time intensive process.

2.Edge finishing and precision deburring process reduces the lures rough mated area to smooth surface.

3.To test the integrity of the adhesion, lures are water tested, immersed into hot water exceeding 70 degrees for around 20 seconds.

4.MERERDITH painting is accomplished manually, one step, one layer at a time.

5.Nothing is missed - even MEREDITH eyes are three-dimensional

6.The detailed eyes are attached by hand after an approved quality control inspection of the lure body.

7.After an additional quality control inspection has been completed, a measured clear coat is added to protect the integrity of the paint.