Fishing Rod Holder

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+ item :Automatic Fishing Rod Bracket

+ Stainless Steel fishing rod holder

+ 32cm Storage length of this rod holder- small size for easy fishing, easy to carry.

+ Ground insertion length is 27.5cm,deep into the soil, strong and powerful.

+ Don't worry that the fishing rod will be blown down by the wind, we use a triangular-shaped plug, which is more stable than ordinary products.

+ Say goodbye to gear adjustment, one touch at a time, suitable for all fish.

+ Elastic foot, Stabbing fish is more fierce, no matter how big or small the fish are difficult to escape.

+ Strong elasticity, do not put your hand into the red area during use to prevent pinching.


+ Material: Stainless Steel

+ Storage length: Silver red: 32cm

+ Expand length:

Silver red : 56cm

Silver: 47cm

+ Ground insertion length

Silver red: 27.5cm


+ Width

Silver red: 2.5cm

Silver: 5cm

+ Width

Silver red: 2.5cm

Silver: 5cm